Suicide is an irresponsive action Gerakan Wanita: Pay attention to teenagers problem Press Statement by Wanita Gerakan Deputy Chief Datuk Ng Siew Lai

In referring to a few suicide cases happened recently, Wanita Gerakan Deputy Chief, Datuk Ng Siew Lai said the responsibility to reduce suicide rates does not just rest only on the government, but also shared commonly amongst the NGOs, religion association, family school, and mass media.

“Life is precious and we only live once, suicide is an irresponsive action of throwing the problem and inflicting indelible pain to the family and friends”, she added.

“The relevant government departments should take prompt action to improve the counseling service, helpline or telephone counseling for those who are suffering from emotional problems and in dire need for help.”

Datuk.Ng suggested the government should provide more subsidies and allocations to NGOs and counseling centers to ensure its availability and sustainability. She also added government should organize more campaigns to raise the awareness among teenagers about precious of life.

Datuk Ng Siew Lai, who is also Penang Gerakan Wanita Chief, said NGOs are suggested to set the alternative shift on 24 hours to ensure the counselor is available at all the time because suicide could happen at any time.

Datuk Ng also added teenagers are encouraged to embrace a religion because it serves as a mental support that defines the meaning of life and exhorts us to cherish our lives.

She also suggested class tutor to assume the role as a counselor for their students because they have a good understanding of a student’s personalities and behaviors. Once they discovered their students who may have the tendency to commit suicide, they could provide the much needed counseling at first hand by giving them advices.

"Mass media should publish more information about counselors’ phone number and address at main forums, so that people can easily get access to the assistance" she added.

Datuk Ng said parents serve as the closest persons naturally bonded to their children. They should spend more time with their children instead of busy with their work to earn money to meet their children’s materialistic needs. No doubt that money able to meet their physical needs, but children nowadays need for parental caring and attention.

As a personal experience, she feels that it is imperative for parents to maintain a good communication with their children in spite of the work commitments, in order to have a good understanding of the personal problems and emotional distresses that their children are facing, give timely consultation and advice before tragedy strikes.
Datuk Ng hopes that the society can pay more attention to this issue because our life does not have second chance.




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