Gerakan: Self safety and precaution awareness is much needed Press Statement by Gerakan Head of Central Bureau on Environment, Safety and Quality of Life cum Kedah Derga State Assemblyman. Dr. Cheah Soon Hai

In referring few kidnap and robbery cases happened recently, Gerakan Head of Central Burean on Environment, Safety and Quality of Life, Dr. Cheah Soon Hai, said everyone needs to be more alert on their own safety especially female and children while they are away from home.

Dr.Cheah expressed he was shocked by the kidnap case happened few days ago because the tragedy was unexpectedly happened at where is under security service protection. He is glad for that victim managed to escape from the kidnappers. He also added this incident can actually be a good lesson for all of us to learn for the victim’s calmness and intelligence.

“Prevention is always better than cure. Shopping mall management should install more CCTVs and improve lighting system in parking floor. Once the CCTV monitors find out any suspicious person or activities such as kidnap or robbery, the management should take immediate action before the tragedy strikes, ”he suggested.

Dr.Cheah Soon Hai, also Kedah Derga State Assemblyman, said public especially female should always vigilant surroundings because tragedy strikes when you least expect it.

Dr.Cheah also added police should step up its routine patrols around the place where the crime cases happened regularly.

“School should regulate the parents or those who want to take their children from school to show and record down their identity card (ID) to verify their relationship with the student”, he added.

He also suggested school management should increase the number of guards and CCTV especially at school entrances to ensure no strangers could enter the school compound easily.

Dr Cheah urges all females and children try to avoid walking to the car-park alone or at the street alleys and bring along any self defense products to ward off any malicious attack in a life-threatening situation.




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