Lau aims to steer Gerakan back to Parliament, Penang

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 10 — Former Barisan Nasional (BN) component Gerakan is rebranding with the aim of returning to Parliament and regaining control of Penang, said president Datuk Dominic Lau.

In an interview with Utusan Malaysia’s Sunday edition Mingguan Malaysia, Lau said among efforts towards this rebranding was the early identification of suitable candidates for the next general election.

“Our direction back into Parliament is the most important, because of that we need to win in GE15.

“We need to strengthen the organisation, our machinery, and be prepared for the upcoming general election,” he said.

“Instructions have already been given to state leaders to identify areas and candidate that will represent Gerakan in GE15, that is why the party machinery has to start now instead of being unprepared when Parliament is dissolved,” he said in the interview.

Lau revealed that Gerakan intends to be an alternative political party for all races, differentiating it from MCA that is restricted to the Chinese community and DAP that is dominated by the same.

Gerakan is not aligned to BN or Pakatan Harapan and will instead stands for issues relevant to the electorate, he said.

“If there are bad policies, we will give our constructive criticism and offer solutions to the issues because we want to portray Gerakan as a professional party and one that is able to solve the people’s and country’s problems,” he added.

Lau conceded that being independent would be challenging for Gerakan but said the party was still ambitious and aimed to one day regain control of Penang, which it had governed until the 2008 general election.

“For Gerakan, where we fall, there is where we will rise again.

“Besides that, voters there are aware of the Gerakan logo thanks to our victory in 1969 under the leadership of Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu, and Penang is easier to develop compared to other states,” he said.

Many Penang residents still recall the services and contributions of Gerakan under Lim, Lau said, when citing projects such as the first Penang Bridge, Komtar and industrial areas in Bayan Lepas.

Despite the ambitions, Lau accepted that Gerakan no longer had any safe seats.





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