Gerakan urged to back ICERD ratification

KUALA LUMPUR: Gerakan has been urged to support the ratification of the International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD), says former youth chief Tan Keng Liang (pic).

He added the intentions behind ICERD are good and supporting it would show that the country is progressive.

ICERD is an effort by the United Nations to ensure that any form of racial discrimination is eliminated.

“I feel that it is a correct move if the Pakatan Harapan government decided to ratify this. It will show that Malaysia is a progressive nation.

“Many countries have ratified it, except for countries like Myanmar, Angola and North Korea.

“I urge Gerakan to throw its support if Pakatan goes ahead without this,” said Tan during the opening of Gerakan’s Wanita and Youth conference here yesterday.

Tan presented his final speech as youth chief as the 41-year-old politician has decided not to defend the post.

Tan said allegations by certain groups that vernacular schools would have to be closed if Malaysia ratified ICERD are unfounded.

“I do not believe this is true. Chinese and Tamil schools as well as Sekolah Agama(religious schools) accept all races. The only difference is that the schools allow the classes to be taught in their respective languages,” he said.

Tan said while Gerakan must play its role as an opposition party, it should support initiatives by the government if they are good.

“We are an opposition party, but we do not have to oppose everything. We must be constructive.”

The ICERD issue has triggered mixed reactions among different political parties.

Umno and PAS are against ICERD ratification and have planned a demonstration to protest it.






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