Gerakan refutes P. Ramasamy’s suggestion that nothing substantial has been done for Tamil schools Kohilan: The current administration is cleaning up the mess left by a former PM in improving the livelihood of the Indians

Press statement by

Gerakan Vice President

Datuk A. Kohilan Pillay

November 8, 2017

Gerakan Vice President, Datuk A. Kohilan Pillay refuted Penang Deputy Chief Minister P. Ramasamy in his article on nothing substantial has been done for Tamil schools by the present administration, he said that there are currently 524 Tamil Schools in Malaysia, with an additional 6 new schools approved by the Government in favour of continuing the approach of new approvals on a case-by-case basis. P. Ramasamy’s argument that Tamil schools is not thriving under PM Najib doesn’t hold water anymore.

Kohilan pointed out that for the first time in Malaysian history, more Tamil schools are being built, which is a reverse of what the current Pakatan Chairman did in his 22 year tenure as PM. The Action Plan for the Future of Tamil Schools Unit (PTST) was established in 2012 to ensure delivery of commitment to the Tamil schools in Malaysia. Also the Government since 2009 has allocated over RM900 million to improve the infrastructure of Tamil schools.

“Clearly this DAP Indian leader is shooting the question at the wrong Prime Minister. If our memory serves us right, the current partner of DAP was the Prime Minister for 22 years, in where the decline of the Malaysian Indian community accelerated during that period. I wonder why when Tun Mahathir was the Prime Minister not a single blueprint nor any plan was put forth to address challenges or the neglect faced by the Indian Community?”

Kohilan added that during his tenure as PM, Tun Mahathir had one, sole focus. The New Economic Policy (NEP) that was aimed at marketing himself, given his unpopularity within UMNO. As a result, the Indians fell victim to the then PM’s treacherous scheme. Mahathir took no compassion or attempt as the Prime Minister back then to relocate the schools and places of worship from where these Indians not only once lived, but largely contributed to the nation’s development and growing economy. That also brought about the closure of Tamil schools as mentioned by P. Ramasamy due to zero student enrolment in such areas.

He pointed out that under the administration of PM Najib Razak, Barisan Nasional’s initiative for the Indian community does not come to a standstill at schools, but it involves a much more comprehensive strategy that is earmarked in the Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB).

“The current administration under PM Najib is facing an epiphany to fix the mess caused by Tun Mahathir, and whining about his predecessor is not going to help him and not certainly the people. Not only has PM Najib, for the first time in history initiated the construction of brand new Tamil schools and improved the infrastructure of existing ones, but he continues to empower Tamil school students via various programmes and has also introduced pre-schools in Tamil schools. Schools with low enrolment is being moved into areas with high Indian population with directive from PM Najib not to close down a single Tamil School in Malaysia. There are additional programs being supplemented by the Socioeconomic Development of Indian Community (SEDIC) in view of improving the students in Tamil Schools and additional programs to enhance the teachers as well.”

Kohilan reminded that currently thanks to ongoing efforts, children from Tamil schools are carving their names internationally, representing Malaysia and bagging awards in various competitions, be it in science, sports, education and others. This is a proof of our Tamil school education is showing signs of improvement with the various effort put forth since 2009.

“As an Indian leader in Pakatan Harapan, a group scarcely represented by key players of Indian ethnicities, P. Ramasamy is frayed by his own shortcomings. Hence the series of crafted phantasms is building its way up to the upcoming general elections, all in an attempt to create a smokescreen. Interminably, this academician turned politician fails to grip the basic understanding of the gradual and steady improvement of the state of Tamil schools, but by pouncing at anything and everything that Pakatan Harapan has gloriously failed to do. It’s even amusing how he speaks of dengue and malaria while he gives rise to the mother of all mosquitoes, infesting his own house.” said a bemused Kohilan.



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