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Gerakan slams insincerity leads to poor Indian representation in Pakatan Harapan

KUALA LUMPUYR, Aug 28 : Gerakan Vice-President, Datuk A. Kohilan Pillay slammed insincerity has led to poor Indian representation in Pakatan Harapan (PH). He said it is a stark comparison to Barisal Nasional’s (BN) strong commitment and sincere initiatives to assist and empower the Indian community, the track record continues to improve with the latest being the introduction of Malaysian Indian Blueprint.

Kohilan criticized PH failure in providing a needed platform for Indian representation and consistently overlooked the plights and expectations by the Indian community, only to exploit Indian support to extend political mileage. He noted that even Tun Dr Mahathir had recently admitted the lack of Indian representation in PH.

“PH is only good at plain rhetoric, nothing concrete has been been done to give Indian community a much deserved voice and representation in PH, there is not even one Indian representative in their top leadership lineup,” said Kohilan.

“Only one Indian EXCO in Selangor, while in Penang only P. Ramasamy was appointed as Deputy Chief Minister cum EXCO, the omission of Indian representation is appalling, their attempts to woo the Indians now is only meant for exploitation for political gains, how to convince the Indians when they are not even represented at the top level of PH?”

Kohilan who is also EXCO of Cabinet Committee on Indian Community (CCIC) pointed out that BN on the other hand has a diverse lineup in its leadership and Cabinet with significant Indian representation. He said Indian community is represented by MIC and other multiracial component parties in BN such as Gerakan and MyPPP.

Kohilan pointed out there are currently 1 minister, 4 deputy ministers and 3 EXCOs in Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor who represent the Indian community at the federal and state levels. He stressed that BN had fielded more Indian candidates than PH in previous elections and Indian representation would definitely see further increase if Penang and Selangor return to BN.

“It is clear PH is insincere and has not done enough for the Indian community even in their own turfs in Penang and Selangor, they have no moral right to claim they are championing for the Indian community. In contrast, BN has been listening and helping the community for many years and we continue striving for their betterment as evidenced in many initiatives and special committees, these were made possible with strong, dedicated and sincere Indian leaderships in BN,” said Kohilan.





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