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Gerakan slams flurry of fake news during Sea Games

KUALA LUMPUR: Gerakan has condemned fake news peddlers for damaging the image of the country during the ongoing KL 2017 SEA Games.

Gerakan legal team member Chai Ko Thing Chai said the Games has been hijacked by some irresponsible individuals as a platform to tarnish the country’s image by spreading fake news.

Chai, who is also Gerakan Youth Legal Bureau chairman, pointed out that recent negative news about SEA Games were spreading fast across social media.

He said some of these news were simply fake while others were deliberately exaggerated by irresponsible parties.

“Their objective is clearly to attack our government and undermine the image of the country.

“I think negative and fake news circulating on social media, such as blunder over Indonesian flag, a bus driver who stole Myanmar athlete’s watch and Myanmar supporters being denied entry into stadium to support their national football team, have overshadowed the outstanding performances by our athletes in winning multiple gold medals for the country,” said Chai in a press statement today.

Chai also pointed out that a recently viral parody song showing Malaysian football supporters chanting ‘Singapore anjing’ has been debunked as fake.

He said it was confirmed that the video clip took place in 2012 Suzuki Cup and not the current SEA Games.

He added that these fake news and lies in social media were done by the Opposition, with their objective being to belittle the achievements of the country in winning gold medals and the presentation of a successful opening ceremony.

This is done so that BN will not be able to claim credit, he said.

Chai said that Malaysian athletes have endured hardships to win gold medals for the country while citizens have united to cheer for our athletes regardless of race,

“SEA Games should not be hijacked by any party to undermine unity,” added the Gerakan man.





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