Water supply cut off affects the residents in Bandar Baru Sentul flats Gerakan dealt with DBKL to resolve the problem Press statement by Gerakan Youth Secretary General Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai

Yesterday (29 August), after a report was received, Gerakan Batu Division service team led by Gerakan Youth Secretary General Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai have visited Bandar Baru Sentul Flats phase 8/9, in order to understand the water supply cut off for no reason currently faced by the local residents.

Dr. Dominic Lau pointed out that the water supply to Bandar Baru Sentul Flats phase 8/9 was cut off without prior notification since yesterday morning at 9am, the residents were disgruntled and felt the pinch with all of the inconveniences they have to face. According to the local residents after inquiry was made to the water supply company, they were informed that the DBKL has failed to pay the water bill to the water supply company which has resulted the water supply being cut off. In view of this, Gerakan Batu Division immediately contacted DBKL to have a better understanding of the matter, and was informed that some of the flat residents did not pay their water bill to DBKL and subsequently causing them failed to pay the water bill to the water supply company on time. Besides, the residents also complained that the water meter installed by the DBKL is not complied with the standards of the water supply company, the water usage by the residents is difficult to be recorded and the problem is long-persistent.

“It is obvious that both sides argue by sticking to their own ground, nonetheless it is unfair to some of those residents that paid the water bill on time. DBKL and the water supply company should have mutual compromise, it is a problem between them and the living of the people should not be affected. We have urged DBKL to clarify its position, coordinate with the water supply company regarding the water meter problem and resolve it as soon as possible,” said Dr. Dominic Lau.

“Concurrently, I also phoned the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur to report the matter, the Mayor immediately ordered 4 water tank trucks to head to the local area and supply water. Up until last night, we found that 4 water tank trucks were not enough to supply water to the local residents and therefore we arranged 2 more water tank trucks from the DBKL. Members of the Gerakan Batu Division have also stayed behind to offer help until 1am, helping the elders to carry water to their house. The residents were very grateful to the Gerakan Batu Division for their help,” added Dr. Dominic Lau.

“Under the full coordination and follow-up by Gerakan Batu Division, we have received a message from the DBKL on this morning saying that they will make the payment owed to the water supply company, while the water supply company also agreed to resume water supply to the local residents, so that the residents could celebrate the National Day on a peaceful mind,” added Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai.

Dr. Dominic Lau also stressed that Gerakan would continue to serve the residents of Batu parliamentary constituency, fully follow-up and solve the livelihood issues faced by the local residents.




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