Gerakan supports quicker strata titles issuance Cheah Soon Hai says move will help buyers Press statement by Gerakan Enviroment, Security & Quality of Life Bureau Chairman Dr Cheah Soon Hai

Gerakan’s Enviroment, Security and Quality of Life Bureau Chairman, Dr Cheah Soon Hai expressed his support towards the proposal of issuing strata titles rapidly which was in the Strata Management Act tabled at the Parliament on Monday.

“This is a good step taken by the government in order to protect house buyers from unscrupulous developers. As the prices of houses are escalating, it is becoming a bigger issue for buyers.”

Dr Cheah Soon Hai, who is also Kedah Derga state assemblyman commented that some have to save their entire life just to be able to purchase their own house. In case anything went wrong with the house, this will definitely put the buyers in trouble as they were left stranded with bank loans still to pay.

Regarding the issuance of strata title to residence in high rise units, Dr Cheah said that it is a good move for high rise owners usually have to wait quite a while to receive their strata titles. Some might not even get it if their developers did not proceed to apply from the government.

“The issuance of strata titles to house owners will bring much relief as they will be able to use it in case of refinancing or putting the house on sale. Prospective buyers will not want to buy a house with no strata title included.”




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