Gerakan strongly objects government proposal to collect 5 years of PPR maintenance fee in advance Press statement by Gerakan Youth Deputy Chief Oh Tong Keong

Gerakan Youth Deputy Chief, Oh Tong Keong said that the recent proposal announced by the Minister of Housing and Local Government Dato’ Seri Chor Chee Heung that government plans to collect maintenance fee up to 5 years RM 20 per month in advance from future PPR tenants as absurd.

The proposal was brought forward after there were cases where residents failed to pay their monthly maintenance fee. If the proposal has been accepted, future tenants would have to pay RM 1000 up front first before they are allowed to move into their units.

“I am strongly against this proposal. Of course there are some bad apples among the residents, but I believe that most of those who refused to pay are from poor backgrounds and already have difficulty paying for their rental and utility bills.”

He also commented that if the management are facing difficulties collecting funds, they should try to think other solutions but not trying to impose burden on their tenants.

“If those tenants are capable of paying the RM 1000, then they would not have to stay in our PPR units in the first place right?”

Oh, also Penang Gerakan Youth Chief said that if the government go ahead with this proposal then most of the tenants might as well go to loan sharks to get the RM 1000 to pay up.

“This is clearly against our people first policy when poor people are pressed for money which they can’t afford.”




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