Gerakan Wanita praised police for nabbing rapist Ng Siew Lai hopes for a fair judgement Press statement by Gerakan Wanita Deputy Chief Datuk Ng Siew Lai

Gerakan Wanita Deputy Chief, Datuk Ng Siew Lai has commended the actions of the police who nabbed the suspect behind several rape cases.

“I am proud of what our police have done and they deserve to get some credit for acting fast before the culprit manages to harm more people.”

The rape suspect was believe to be the responsible for a rape case earlier this month where he disguised himself as an interviewer to unsuspecting young female job seekers and proceed to rape them in a hotel room.

Ng, also Penang Gerakan Wanita Chief said that now that the culprit has been nabbed, she hopes that a fair trial and judgement will be imposed considering the suffering the victims have gone through.

At the same time, she reminded the public again to be careful of their surroundings and to trust their instinct.

“Sometimes when a situation arises, the only thing that we can trust is our instinct as it is better to be safe than sorry.”




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