Gerakan supports government initiative to install AES Cheah Soon Hai suggests to also using it in crime hotspots Press statement by Gerakan Central Bureau on Environment, Safety and Quality of Life Chairman Dr Cheah Soon Hai

Gerakan Central Bureau on Environment, Safety and Quality of Life Chairman, Dr Cheah Soon Hai welcomed the government’s initiative to install the AES system to prevent road accident cases from escalating.

“This is a good move taken by the government since some Malaysians are known for their notorious driving habits such as beating the red light and speeding. The AES does not only intend to catch those who break the law but to prevent potential reckless drivers from endangering not only their lives but also other innocent road users.”

Speaking on another matter, he also expressed hope that the government would conduct a research on utilising the AES to fight crime other than traffic offences by installing it in crime hotspots and strategic areas.

Cheah, also Derga state assemblyman said that although traffic accident in Malaysia is high, it is being view to be a secondary priority compared to street crimes such as robbery and snatch thief.

This is said after he received many complaints from his constituents where there were plenty of iron rods covering the manholes been stolen and then sold at the iron foundry shop.

“This is a serious matter where the constant happening of this kind of action will cause danger to innocent pedestrians and other road users.”

Cheah stressed that the police should install CCTV at these shops to prevent metal thieves from selling their stolen item. As for the shop owners, he suggested that one of the conditions for them to apply an operating license is to install CCTV in their respective units to help the police.

He finally urged the police to intensify their patrol in order to ensure the people will feel safe.




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