Gerakan applauds SPAD initiative for increasing GOKL shuttle bus coverage Dr Dominic Lau hopes that it could be expanded to other cities Press statement by Gerakan Youth Secretary General Dr Dominic Lau Hoe Chai

Gerakan Youth Secretary General, Dr Dominic Lau Hoe Chai was pleased with the SPAD’s initiative to increase the free shuttle bus service GOKL service route. He said that this is another step towards providing more public transport towards the people.

“I am happy with the government’s effort to introduce and now expand the route service of GOKL. By doing so, the government will be able to reduce the need for people to travel on private transport and therefore reduce the congestion in the city.”

He also commented that by adding more routes for GOKL, this will sure aid the tourism sector since Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia.

“The introduction and expansion of this free shuttle bus service comes in a timely manner where there are certain tourist spots which are far away from an LRT station. The shuttle bus will play a major role by ferrying foreigners and locals alike to tourist spots from LRT stations. That way they would not have to travel on foot in this Malaysian climate.”

Dr Dominic said that this initiative was actually started by the Gerakan Penang government some ten years ago through MPPP where the shuttle bus journey starts from Weld Quay to Komtar with 19 stops in between.

Finally, he hoped that this initiative would be introduced in other cities around Malaysia especially historical ones such as Malacca with plenty of foreigners in order to boost the tourism sector.

“By undertaking this measure, we are not only attracting foreigners but also providing social service to the locals as the bus fare is free of charge.”




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