Gerakan Batu Division arranged dialogue session To solve the livelihood problems in Taman Kok Lian Press statement by Gerakan Youth Secretary General Dr. Dominic Lau


Last Sunday (30 September), Gerakan Batu Division and the local residents of Taman Kok Lian in Sentul had jointly organised a dialogue session between the residents, DBKL, police and Alam Flora in order to understand the livelihood problems currently faced by the local residents.

Gerakan Youth Secretary General Dr. Dominic Lau who attended the session pointed out that Gerakan Batu Division has been constantly receiving complaints from the residents reporting the rise in crime cases, security has reached an alarming level but the police were not stepping up their patrol, traffic problems are getting more serious each day, double-parking is prevalent, garbage piled up but left unattended, the hygiene is less ideal and many more issues.

“In this regard, Gerakan Batu Division has specially organised a dialogue session to gather all the complaints and views from the residents. During the dialogue session, we all tabled a solution for each problem, while Gerakan Batu Division will monitor the relevant departments to carry out the steps effectively,” said Dr. Dominic Lau.

“Actually, we discovered that in many cases the government departments do not really understand the people’s needs, while through this kind of dialogue it was the best way for the relevant departments to communicate and contact directly with the people and provide solutions for each problem that the people are facing in order the get a significant result,” added Dr. Dominic Lau.

Dr. Dominic Lau also added that this is the follow-up work by Gerakan Batu Division regarding the livelihood problems that the residents are facing. Gerakan will continue to serve the residents of Batu parliamentary constituency, solve their problem and improve their quality of life.




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