Gerakan objects price hike in KLIA Transit Travel Cards Dr. Cheah Soon Hai: This will severely burden passengers Press statement by Gerakan Central Bureau on Environment, Safety and Quality of Life Chairman Dr. Cheah Soon Hai


Gerakan Central Bureau on Environment, Safety and Quality of Life Chairman, Dr. Cheah Soon Hai said that the recent announcement by KLIA Transit to hike their Travel Cards fee up to 14% with effective from 1 October will be a massive burden for the rakyat.

“I am shocked by this announcement where the price hike is up to 14%. This is contradictory with the government’s policy to promote more public transport usage to the people.”

Dr. Cheah said that the ones that will suffer the most will be the train’s passengers who commute daily to work. This is because most of the passengers are from the working class who does not have a very high salary and are living on a tight budget.

“On one hand, the government is trying to reduce the burden of the people by promoting the 50% discount for low income Malaysians when taking the KTM Komuter, here KLIA Transit is trying to burden their customers.”

Dr. Cheah Soon Hai, also Kedah Derga state assemblyman, said that the company should find other innovative ways to cut cost and not pass the burden to their customers.

“The holders of the Travel Cards are basically their loyal customers and therefore should be rewarded like a rebate or discount for their loyalty all these years and not be pressed for more money.”

He cautioned that if the company insists on hiking its fees so abruptly, it is they, themselves that will suffer as people would find alternative ways instead of using their services.




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