Gerakan Wanita calls Shahbudin Yahya to resign as MP Tan Lian Hoe: Resorting to blaming media is absconding on own responsibility

Press statement by


Gerakan Wanita Chairwoman


Dato’ Tan Lian Hoe


April 6, 2017



Gerakan Wanita Chairwoman, Dato’ Tan Lian Hoe called on Tasik Gelugor MP, Datuk Shahbudin Yahya to take responsibility for his controversial statement in Parliament suggesting that child victims can have a good life if they marry their rapists. She said merely blaming the media that his remarks have been misquoted is irresponsible and unforgiving.


“Being an MP does not give him the liberty to make such insulting and degrading remarks towards women. How will his wife and mother feel after hearing such remarks?


“Following the public uproar, he blamed the media for taking his words out of context is utterly irresponsible, his speech has been recorded in video and Hansard, there is no way he can deny or escape criticism, the media should not be made the scapegoat for the mistake he had committed,” said Tan.


Tan then called on Shabudin to own up his mistake and take responsibility by resigning as an MP. She said Shabudin’s words were unbecoming for an elected MP. 




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