Chai Ko Thing: Address lenient enforcement to complement amendments to Domestic Violence Act

Press statement by


Gerakan legal advisor cum


Gerakan Youth Legal Bureau Chairman


Chai Ko Thing


05 April, 2017



Gerakan legal advisor cum Gerakan Youth Legal Bureau Chairman Chai Ko Thing opined that the government tables amendments to Domestic Violence Act and expands the definition of domestic violence is in line with the times. However, the lenient law enforcement is an issue that has to be addressed by the government.


Chai said the current Interim Protection Order (IPO) is also facing ineffective law enforcement, usually people who flouted this law were able to get away scot free. 


“Therefore, the newly introduced Emergency Protection Order (EPO) under the Domestic Violence (Amendment) Bill will be able to provide a better reaction to address domestic violence cases,” said Chai in a press statement today.


Chai also expressed shock that Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Karim was reportedly saying that domestic violence cases that occurred in between 2014 and 2016, 26 percent of them involving husbands.


However, he said the shocking revelation was not entirely surprising in the complicated society nowadays, because some women in today’s society could be more aggressive than men. 


“I believe if men were not bound by moral shame, cases of domestic violence involving men could be even higher. The revelation also indicates that domestic violence could happen to anyone regardless of sex, race, religion, sexuality and income.


Chai stressed that regardless the eventual outcome of the proposed amendments to the Bill, all parties should work closely and respond to it, they should not work in silo mentality.




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