Gerakan Wanita condemns Tasik Gelugor MP’s statement supporting rapists to marry child rape victims Tan Lian Hoe: Stop justifying for men who rape, enact law to criminalise offensive statements or public disrespect towards women and children

Press statement by

Gerakan Wanita Chairwoman

Dato’ Tan Lian Hoe

 April 5, 2017


Gerakan Wanita Chairwoman Dato’ Tan Lian Hoe strongly condemned a statement by Tasik Gelugor MP Datuk Shabudin Yahya’s suggested that child rape victims can have a good life if they marry their rapists. She said Shabudin’s statement was a great offence and disrespect to women. It was against government’s commitment and efforts in protecting the rights, dignity and safety of women and children. She said Gerakan Wanita calls on the government to enact a law to criminalise individuals or groups that make offensive statements or show open disrespect towards women and children.

“Laws are enacted to protect our children, I was disgusted to hear about the senseless statement by Shabudin, it was hugely unbecoming of an elected MP, his ingrained prejudice and casual humiliation was an affront to all women, he should be penalised both inside and outside of the Parliament,” said Tan.

Tan maintained strongly that child marriage is not a license to legitimise sexual advances against minors, neither it is designed or should be perpetuated to cater for adolescent sexuality. She said Shabudin and other potential like-minded individuals or parties should understand in totality the definition of statutory rape and acknowledge the need of legislating desire in a society.

Tan said it is most unfortunate and equally shocking that an MP made such an absurd statement, where child marriage is acceptable and good for child rape victims. She condemned that his view clearly does not conform to the norms and mores of the modern society. She held strongly that it is wrong and dangerous to agree to an easy settlement of perpetuating child marriage as a lawful way to satisfy sexual urges of adults or even justifying for men who rape.

Tan asserted that Gerakan Wanita is firmly against the continuation of child marriage. She reminded that United Nations Human Rights Council in a 2013 resolution has recognised child marriage as a human rights violation and Malaysia as a member state of the United Nations must do its best to eliminate child marriage. She called on Shabudin to reflect and apologise publicly for offending not just women and children, but also victims of rape, attempted rape and sexual assaults. 





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