Nanny seeks to adopt boy after birth mum goes missing

KUALA LUMPUR: Since the beginning of the year, a “mother” has been trying to enrol her seven-year-old “son” in a primary school.

However, Tan Guat Hoon has not been able to do so as she is unable to produce his birth certificate to register for school.

The 37-year-old widow is not the boy’s biological mother.

Tan told reporters at her home in Jinjang Utara here today that the boy’s mother had gone missing since 2013.

“She put him under my care when he was eight months old in 2011,” she said.

The full-time nanny added that the birth mother gave her RM2,000 to look after the boy at that time.

“She visited her son for about six times until 2013 and then she went missing completely,” Tan said.

As she was elaborating on her six-year ordeal, her “son” was seen sticking to his “mother” at all times and calling her “mummy” throughout the press conference .

Tan, who has two teenage sons with her late husband, added that she went to the boy’s relatives to give the child back, but they refused to take him in.

“I am now in limbo because I cannot help him to enrol in school.

“I hope that the boy’s biological mother can come forward and give her written consent, stating that she has given up custody of the boy so I can adopt him legally,” she said.

She added that the boy had stayed with her for six years and had slowly become her third “son”.

“I do not want to lose him,” Tan said.

Gerakan Federal Territories Youth chief Ong Siang Liang appealed to the birth mother to come forward and give an explanation.

“We hope she will come forward in a week’s time and tell us if she wants her child back,” he said.

Ong added that if the biological mother still refused to appear, Tan would go to court to adopt the boy.








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