Gerakan concerned on lack of action and briefing by police in missing Pastor Raymond Koh Baljit Singh: Greater police efforts needed to achieve breakthrough in a case of public interest

Press statement by


Chairman, Gerakan Central Bureau of Law and Human Rights


Dato’ Baljit Singh


February 23, 2017



Gerakan Central Bureau of Law and Human Rights Chairman, Dato’ Baljit Singh has expressed concern regarding the case of missing Pastor Raymond Koh where the lack of action and briefing by the police has created unwanted speculation by the public on the case.


“Pastor Raymond Koh has gone missing for a week but the response by the police is not up to the public expectation with the case failing to get any reliable leads and it has passed the golden hours of locating a missing person, this has to be addressed swiftly.”


“It has become a case of public interest and has slowly transformed into a subject of unhealthy political and racial debates among members of the public, which could get worse with the continued absence of official information and quick action from the police on the case."


Baljit stressed that police needs to ensure quick and accurate access to vital information on cases of public interest to quell confusion and misinformation as well as to ensure public confidence in a swift investigation.


“We hope a police task force can be established to facilitate greater efforts and bring a breakthrough to the case, our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Pastor Raymond Koh.”


“We understand that the police have conducted interviews with the Pastor’s family, while are also hoping to see increased efforts and urgency to locate the missing Pastor and brief the public about the development of the case from time to time.”





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