Penang Gerakan appoints coordinators to state and parliamentary seats

GEORGE TOWN: Penang Gerakan is gearing up for the coming elections with the appointment of constituency coordinators to state and parliamentary seats.

State chairman Teng Chang Yeow (pix) said coordinators have been appointed to 13 state seats and four parliament seats.

He however cautioned that these coordinators may not be fielded as candidates if their performance was poor.

"They are not automatically candidates for the election, they can be changed based on their performance," he said at a media night on Monday hosted by the party.

Even with the appointments, the party still has three areas - Tanjong, Bukit Tengah and Kebun Bunga - without coordinators.

Also, notable absentees from the coordinator list is state vice chairman Oh Tong Keong, state Youth acting chief Jason Loo and Special Strategic Programme bureau chief Albert Tan.

Teng himself was not appointed as a coordinator to any seat but was coy about the matter when asked.

"These are the coordinators, I will be on the side," he said, and did not want to commit on whether he was contesting or not.

The state party is attempting to claw back some support after the 13th General Elections in which they did not win a single seat in Penang.

Teng, who is the Penang Barisan (BN) chairman, lost in the election to Ong Chin Wen of PKR who won with a 5,190 majority.





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