Chai Ko Thing: DAP’s Rajiv should not politicise government’s decision to ban Dego Ride - Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia

Chai Ko Thing: DAP’s Rajiv should not politicise government’s decision to ban Dego Ride

Press statement by


Chairman, Gerakan Youth Legal Bureau cum


Bukit Gasing Coordinator


February 17, 2017



Gerakan legal advisor cum Chairman of Gerakan Youth Legal Bureau Chai Ko Thing slammed Bukit Gasing assemblyman DAP’s Rajiv Rishyakaran for showing double standard and politicising the issue of government’s ban on Dego Ride motorcycle ride-sharing.


Chai said, the government’s decision to ban the Dego Ride was based on “motorcycle safety”, but the opposition is using this issue to play politics and to and provoke the public sentiment, they have little regard for the safety of the people and the motorcyclist.


Chai opined that if the government approves the Dego Ride motorcycle ride-sharing service, apart from safety problems, it would also cause other problems, such as traffic congestion and traffic accidents and criminal cases.


Chai who is also Gerakan’s coordinator for Bukit Gasing state seat, he cited an example by pointing out how Mat Rempit problem has proven to be a headache for the nation, once the government approves the Dego Ride, these Mat Rempit may also join the service and it would make street racing more rampant.


In addition, Dego Ride motorcyclists out of their intention to attract more business may gather in some crowded places such as bus station or light rail stations, this would worsen the traffic congestion in these areas.


Chai also pointed out that Kuala Lumpur's traffic if compared with Jakarta and Bangkok, the traffic congestion in our capital city is not that worse. Moreover, Kuala Lumpur area has a variety of different modes of public transport for the people to choose, including public bus, monorail, MRT and electric trains.


Chai believed that the government had considered the issue from different point of views, including the security angle, before making a decision to ban Dego Ride motorcycle ride-sharing service.

He urged DAP’s Rajiv not to play politics again and should make more constructive suggestion to solve the problem.




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