Mah: DAP thinks it 'can do no wrong'

PUTRAJAYA: DAP has grown arrogant and thinks the party "can do no wrong", claims Gerakan president Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong.  

"They feel that whatever they do, the rakyat (people) will still support them," he said this to reporters at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel here after launching the "Consultation on the Way Forward For Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO)" programme. 

Mah was commenting about the recent resignation of four DAP representatives from Malacca. 

The four - Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him, state ssemblymen Lim Jak Wong (Bachang), Chin Choon Seong (Kesidang) and Goh Leong San (Duyong) - said that their resignation was a result of loss of confidence in the party and  disappointment with the current leadership.   

Sim also said DAP had deviated from the party’s goals and objectives. 

In response, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng maintained that the party had not changed.  

Mah, however, agreed with the four representatives, saying that DAP has changed except for one aspect. 

"I agree with Lim Guan Eng that DAP hasn't changed, for 40 years DAP hasn't changed. It was Lim Kit Siang in the past, now it's still Lim Kit Siang," he said in jest.







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