Gerakan concerned excessive politicking diverts focus from economic development Kohilan: Opposition’s political ambition is hurting the country

Press statement by

Gerakan Vice President

Datuk A. Kohilan Pillay

February 16, 2017


Gerakan vice-president Datuk A. Kohilan Pillay expressed concern that excessive politicking has hampered efforts to strive for the continued economic development of the country. He said Malaysia should give serious concern on pressing economic issues that are affecting the prospect and wellbeing of the country as well as people’s lives. Politicking by opposition is hurting the country.

Kohilan stressed that the major concern for Malaysia should be the state of the economy instead of political competition. He said the people either in city or village are feeling the pinch from pressing economic issues such as rising prices, inflation, wage stagnation, fall of the ringgit and capital outflow. He pointed out that lately, more retrenchments and unemployment occurred with workers were reportedly not employed into private and government sector which add to the nation’s woes.

Kohilan said ever since the conclusion of the 13thGeneral Election in 2013, the nation continues to be immersed in prolonged, tense and ugly political competition, but not much importance has been given to addressing economic issues. He opined that this worrying trend must be corrected to redirect the nation’s focus back on economic development.

“Enough is enough for the opposition in politicising every issue, they are not bothered even when the economy of the country is facing challenges and uncertainties as long as they can capture Putrajaya, but their actions are seriously hurting the country’s economy and the government’s efforts to stabilise it,” said Kohilan.

“I have strong hope that Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak will do more to lift the gloom over the country’s economy, I can see the world’s economic status is so fragile and suffering too,” said Kohilan.

Kohilan said the ‘Save Malaysia’ slogan by the opposition is actually showing their political ambition and power craze at the expense of national interest and well-being of the citizens. He called on all Malaysians to reject excessive politicking and not to be distracted by trivial issues, but to focus on overcoming economic issues.




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