Gerakan criticizes ‘Love Penang’ campaign as DAP’s political rhetoric against a non-issue Baljit Singh: Lim Guan Eng should address pressing issues of the day

Press statement by


Chairman, Gerakan Central Bureau of Laws and Human Rights


Dato’ Baljit Singh


February 6, 2017



Gerakan Central Bureau of Laws and Human Rights Chairman, Dato’ Baljit Singh said the current ‘Love Penang’ campaign by the DAP-led Penang state government was an insincere and politically charged campaign rhetoric to mislead and provoke Penangnites against a non-issue.


Baljit said if Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng should realize that there are other pressing issues in the state that warrant the immediate attention and action from the DAP-led state government. He said Lim Guan Eng should attend to the issues of eroding hill slopes and coastlines which were left unaddressed under his administration, and also the soaring of housing prices in Penang. He questioned why Lim Guan Eng chose to launch a campaign against a non-issue instead of focusing on solving these issues and improve the quality of life in Penang as a whole.


“The campaign should be true from the heart instead of mere rhetoric, why Lim Guan Eng dragged the Penangnites into his political game with this politically charged campaign and distracted from real issues of the day, it was clear he only wanted to take political advantage from recent events at the expense of Penangnites’ wellbeing,” said Baljit.


Baljit reminded that there is no way Penang can be turned into a Federal Territories as it has been stated under Article 1(2) that Penang is recognized as one of the states in Malaysia and Article 2 stated that altering the boundary of any state requires the consent from the ruler and the Conference of Rulers.


“Another evidence that the DAP was merely engaging in cheap political rhetoric was the fact that it would commence its election machinery onMarch 18to spread its propaganda to the people. Hence I urge the Chief Minister to put aside politics and focus on the betterment of the state and people as a whole,” said Baljit.


Baljit reminded once more that surely the Penangnites love Penang more than a person hailed from Malacca, as it is their homegrown state.




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