Let’s go kopitiam hopping

PENANG Gerakan Youth’s Young Master movement hopes to revive interest in traditional coffee shops with its Hop Hop Kopitiam campaign.

Founder Jason Loo, who is also the youth wing’s acting chief, said the initiative was being run online through Facebook.

They will regularly upload photo albums, each highlighting one coffee shop in George Town, with information on its history, popular dishes and more.

Loo said they launched the campaign in September featuring Ping Hooi coffee shop in Carnarvon Street, followed by Nam Kie and Shong Hor Hin in Kimberley Street.

Recent additions include Pak Hock Cafe and Hang Chow Cafe in Chulia Street, as well as Joo Hooi Cafe along Penang Road.

Loo explained that they hoped to use the modern cafe hopping culture, to promote these old and traditional coffee shops to the modern generation.

“We had spent one month personally visiting 20 of these eateries around the heritage zone, to document their stories,” he pointed out in a recent press conference at Pak Hock, which is famous for its chicken rice.

Loo said they chose their subjects based on the 56 coffee shops listed under the Directory of Traditional Trades and Occupations in the George Town World Heritage Site 2012 done by George Town World Heritage Incorporated.

“Since we made our visits, Kong Thai Lai in Hutton Lane has moved out and Tong Kong in Chulia Lane was modernised to a cafe.”

He also welcomed the public to post or share their own stories and memories about these coffee shops on the Young Master Facebook page.

“We hope to encourage people, especially youngsters, to rediscover these unique kopitiam and experience them before they disappear.

“The idea is to show that George Town is a beautiful city with real lives and stories worth cherishing and preserving.

“These tangible and intangible heritage elements are what got us the Unesco World Heritage listing in the first place, not the murals or modern cafes,” Loo said.

Also present were Penang Gerakan Youth and Young Master secretary Kenny Loh.

They later treated the pressmen to the coffee shop’s famous chicken rice, served up by long-time owner Cheah Hun Chye and grandson Lim Poh Chin.

Source: http://www.thestar.com.my/metro/community/2016/12/30/lets-go-kopitiam-hopping/




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