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Australian college abandons 45 local students without diplomas

KUALA LUMPUR: Forty-five students who completed a two-year hospitality twinning programme course at a college here have yet to receive their diplomas.

Tan Boon See the registrar of the local college said the students have yet to receive their diplomas from their Australian academic partner in Perth.

She said the collaboration with their Australian partner has been ongoing since 2013.

"The ownership and management of our Australian partner has been changed twice in the past two years.

"Thus, the impression is that the former management of this Australian college has neglected their role in this academic collaboration," she told a press conference organised by Gerakan's public services and complaints bureau here today.

Tan said representatives from the local college flew to Perth in June and September to discuss the matter but both meetings proved unsuccessful.

"We were only given half an hour to discuss the matter but the results were disappointing as they kicked us out even before we could come to a conclusion," she said, adding that they failed to provide an explanation.

"We have also emailed them but they have not replied," she said.

She expressed concern that the students were struggling to find employment, and said she hoped for an amicable solution to the issue.

Tan said the programme cost RM32,000 and was certified by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Gerakan public complaints bureau chairman Datuk Wilson Lau said he would write a letter to the Higher Education Ministry and the Perth college to investigate the matter.






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