Penang land reclamation projects out of control, says Gerakan

Penang Gerakan vice chairman Oh Tong Keong has slammed the state government for going out of control on land reclamation projects.

According to Tong Keong, within 8 years the DAP state government have approved 4000 hectare for total land reclamation compared to Barisan Nasional led government who only approved 1400 hectare when they were in power.

Tong Keong claimed that the DAP is doing this to gain more profit from selling the land and it is unethical to do so.

He added that a lot of land in Penang has been sold and now the state government has to be involved in land reclamation projects especially in the Southern part of the Island which only benefits the developers and not the people.

Among the land sold under the DAP state government are Free School road state land, 1.1 ha Zainal Abidin road land, state land in C.Y.Choy road and also pre-war houses sold to foreigners.

With all these developments, Penang Gerakan strongly opposes the land reclamation projects as it affects the marine, eco-system and the fishermen livelihood.

Last year December, around 1000 fishermen staged protest against the state government voicing their dissatisfaction on the land reclamation near Permatang Damar Laut and Gertak Sanggul.

The affected area is a popular place for fishing cultivation project.

However to the peoples’ disappointment the state government did not hear the voice of the people and went on with the land reclamation project.

Not only that the fishermen in the Southwest of Penang Island worried that with the land reclamation it will affect their livelihood as well.

He vowed that Penang Gerakan will continue to support the fishermen and NGOs in opposing the unnecessary land reclamation.

It was reported in the media around August that the last 10 years, things have changed drastically.

Rapid and huge reclamations for development, especially in the Free Trade Zone, Tanjung Tokong and the proposed southern area.

Coastal reclamations went full swing at Gurney Drive and the Queensbay area opposite Pulau Jerejak.

A massive reclamation, which will see the creation of three man-made islands, has been proposed in the southern part of the island to fund the RM46 billion Penang Transport Master Plan.






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