Gerakan launches FB page to promote Penang kopitiams

State opposition party aspires to fill void left by Penang government and promote island's unique heritage of traditional Chinese coffee shops.

GEORGE TOWN: In pursuit of highlighting Penang’s iconic kopitiams (coffee shops) to the masses, Gerakan’s Youth Wing today launched a campaign to highlight these eateries on a special Facebook page.

Gerakan Youth acting chief Jason Loo said the page would also air grouses by the kopitiam owners who are now facing more competition from modern cafes.

He said a Facebook page under the Youth wing’s moniker, Young Master, has been opened to air the plight and promote these kopitiams to the masses.

“We will also highlight traditional kopitiam outlets from the mainland through public recommendations,” Loo told reporters at Chulia Street today.

Meanwhile, Loo felt that this movement would fill a void left by the state heritage authorities, who appear to have been promoting touristy sites instead of the kopitiams.

“In essence, the kopitiams made the George Town World Heritage Site into what it is today.

“The former BN Penang government had applied for heritage status so that the cultural assets could be protected and preserved via the accreditation that comes with such a status.

“We want to promote George Town as a city with real lives and stories, hence, to encourage all to cherish, preserve and appreciate the tangible and intangible heritage,” he said.

Loo said Gerakan’s Youth Masters will go from door-to-door to visit kopitiams based on a directory launched by the state heritage agency George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI).

He said they were making good use of the directory, unlike the agency who had only placed them in a library.

“GTWHI does not educate the public on the preservation of the living heritage in George Town.

“So, are they going to only do all these simple history write up and keep those in the library when the living heritages are disappearing?” Loo asked.






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