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Gerakan Youth: Gov't needs to address fresh graduate unemployment rate

PETALING JAYA: Government intervention is needed to address the unemployment rate among fresh graduates, said Gerakan Youth secretary-general William Chang Yoong Hsi.

Chang called on the Government to diversify job markets and business industries and said that it is an unhealthy and worrying sign of the national economy that a quarter of fresh graduates produced by the Malaysian educational system fail to secure a position in the job market.

“A diversification of the economy and job markets will lead to the creation of more job opportunities especially in non-professional and non-specialist sectors," he said in a statement on Tuesday.

Chang added that unrealistic salary expectations, a poor command of English, poor communication skills and a lack of soft skills were some of the reasons behind the problem and called for “extra-governmental efforts” to cultivate human capital.

He said this includes the establishment of a Labour Mobilisation and Job Matching Committee to address the mismatch between universities, graduates’ skills, and jobs.

Chang also said that the Government should play an active role in encouraging the diversification of the economy and in the creation of new job markets, especially in the non-professional and non-specialist sectors.

He said that this would address the rapid urbanisation and urban-rural imbalance growth by relieving ‘job migrant pressure’ due to a lack of employment opportunities in rural areas and outskirts of cities.

Chang also called for the introduction of new schemes and assistance plans to help increase the prospect of non-mainstream sectors, and subsequently evoke public interest to explore possible career paths in those sectors.

"Graduates can explore more non-traditional career paths and it reduces bloc competition within the same popular sectors, usually with the well-educated but superfluous workforce,” said Chang.

Chang was referring to a report in a Chinese daily on Monday stating that there has been an increase in the unemployment rate of fresh graduates in Malaysia from 30% between 2010 and 2013 to 34% this year.







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