Gerakan slams assault on Khalid Samad

PETALING JAYA: Gerakan has called on the police to investigate without fear or favour the assault on Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad on Parliament grounds today.

It also wants security in the area to be improved.

In a statement, Gerakan vice-president A Kohilan Pillay said the assault on Khalid was uncivilised and did not reflect the Malaysian way of life.

“Gerakan may not hold the same stance as Khalid on a number of issues, but we strongly condemn the violent and thuggish behaviour by the group of people who showed no respect for the rule of law, public decorum and parliamentary supremacy.

“The troublemakers must be punished as it was not just a challenge to the law, but also blatant disrespect for the authority and dignity of Parliament.”

Kohilan said Parliament was solemn, secure and symbolic grounds, and called for security there to be improved to stop troublemakers from threatening the safety of MPs or interrupting parliamentary proceedings.

Earlier today, Amanah lawmaker Khalid was attacked by a mob as he was approaching the Parliament building.

Fortunately for him, security officers came to his rescue and prevented the incident from escalating. However, it is learnt that an officer was injured in the melee.

The group of about 30 men had harassed Khalid, shouting “Hidup Pasir Salak! Hidup Pasir Salak!”. The scene turned ugly after one of them fell to the ground in a confrontation with security officers.

The mob went after Khalid but security officers were able to shield him from harm.

Among those in the mob was a son of Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman. It is believed that others were Umno Youth members from Pasir Salak.

They were there to show their displeasure at Khalid, who had called Tajuddin “menteri sial” (damned minister) after the latter referred to Seputeh MP Teresa Kok as “the only woman with a Kok” in Parliament on Monday.





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