Teng reiterates Penang BN did not sell Pulau Jerejak land

The Penang Barisan Nasional (BN) state did not sell away land in Pulau Jerejak reiterates its chairman Teng Chang Yeow.

According to Teng, the previous BN government under Koh Tsu Koon entered into an agreement with the federal authority to jointly develop Pulau Jerejak based on a government to government joint venture.

It is the present DAP state government sold the entire shares to a private developer said Teng via a press statement.

“The Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng  had confirmed that the acreages allowable for the development remain the same as decided by then BN state government.

“Why take them so long to gazette the rest of the land as permanent forest reserve?  The demarcation and survey of the land was completed at the end of 2007, after the amendments to the National Forestry Act were approved by the State Assembly when I was still the exco member.

“However, Guan Eng claimed otherwise.  Even if that is true, one wonders that it wasn’t a land surveying of the Himalayan Mountain that it has to take 8 years under DAP State Government to complete!

“It is obvious that there were still other untold intention of Pulau Jerejak, best known only to the DAP state government,” said Teng.

Teng reminded that the chief minister of his ignorance that once it is gazette as permanent forest reserve and gazette as a state park, the funding will come from the Federal Government, just as in the case of Bukit Panchor State Park in Nibong Tebal.

The Forestry Department will be more than happy to advise him on that, he added.

“Guan Eng argued that Ideal Property Sdn Bhd was brought in by UDA and the PDC has not choice as a 49% shareholder but to sell the shares to Ideal.

“The Chief Minister has all along portrayed himself as against deals involving Umno controlled agencies because to him, such deals were always against his CAT principle.

“If that’s the case, why did he question the intention of UDA in ‘forcing’ PDC to sell its 49% shares to Ideal?

“If the Chief Minister can be so powerful in denying development of 1MBD land in Air Itam as he had announced few times, what makes him so powerless over Pulau Jerejak?” questions Teng.

Teng said will not submit to the dateline as demanded by the Guan Eng to show the document proving the profit guarantee agreement between TIRSB and Ideal Property Sdn Bhd.

The Chief Minister has to be patient as I unfold one after another detail of the deal, added Teng.

Teng believes Guan Eng will eventually take legal action against me in order to silence me from revealing the truth.


Source: http://www.malaysiaoutlook.com/teng-reiterates-penang-bn-did-not-sell-pulau-jerejak-land/




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