Do-or-die for Gerakan: Cheah

KUALA LUMPUR: It will be a do-or-die for Gerakan to make a stronger political resurgence in the 14th General Election, said its deputy president Datuk Cheah Soon Hai.

In stating this, he said the outcome of the 14th General Election would be the determinant of the party's fate in the future.

He noted that many political experts have predicted that the next general election would be called as early as next year.

"Therefore, we are already running out of time and members of the Wanita and Youth wings must play a more active role in preparing for the 14th General Election," he said.

"The 14th General Election will decide Gerakan's political fate and therefore we must achieve a better result as compared to the previous two general elections," Cheah said.

He said this in his speech at the opening of Gerakan Youth and Wanita Annual General Meeting at Menara PGRM here.

Gerakan, used to be one of the prominent party in Barisan Nasional, suffered major losses after the 2008 general election, losing Penang to the opposition and several other Parliament seats.

The party was later reduced to only two Parliament seats and three state seats after the 2013 general election, mainly due to the strong Chinese support towards the opposition, dubbed as the "Chinese tsunami".

Meanwhile, Gerakan Wanita chief Datuk Tan Lian Hoe said any party in BN should not act as a "big brother" and must have respect among each other if the federal coalition wish to maintain power after the next election.

"Do not ever insult, mock and act in arrogance by assuming one self as the big brother," she said.

"In this crucial political atmosphere, the culture of sabotage from within must be put to a stop," she added.

Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang in his speech posed a challenge to the opposition coalition to immediately name its candidate for prime minister.

He said it would be impossible for the opposition to lead the country if it can even decide on such basic issue.

"In other democratic countries, there has never been an incidence when the oppositions do not know who their candidate for prime minister," he said.

"This is a fundamental matter that must be announced by the opposition before contesting any election," he added.





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