Don't be a hypocrite, Gerakan slams opposition over political funding

KUALA LUMPUR: Gerakan has called the opposition a "hypocrite" for showing disfavour to the proposal to enact a law on political funding.

Party secretary-General Datuk Liang Teck Meng (pix) said the opposition had on many occasions criticised Barisan Nasional and called for transparency on political funding.

"Why criticise our political funding and where we get our funds from, but do not agree to the proposal?

"This is an act of hypocrisy. Don't be a hypocrite," he said in a press conference after the opening of the 2016 Gerakan lifetime members' annual general meeting at Menara PGRM here.

The regulations on political funding was proposed last month by a special panel to curb abuses and promote transparency.

The proposal however was criticised by several opposition leaders, questioning the motive to regulate political funding in the country.

Liang said Gerakan had never questioned the source of the opposition's funding, but did not dismiss the possibility of it coming from abroad.

"To be more transparent, it is important for us to control funding on political parties," he said.

On the Election Commission's redelineation proposal, Liang said the party had submitted its objections to BN yesterday.

"30% of our seats will be affected by the redelineation exercise," he said.





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