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Return the peaceful environment to the Rakyat

By: Oh Tong Keong

Kwong Wah Daily, October 5th 2016

Last week a group of anti-Bersih Red Shirt members caused havoc in Penang by holding a street rally. Immediately some Gerakan leaders and I condemned their willful action. At the same time we also condemned the Yellow Shirt Bersih who had the intention of overthrowing the democratically elected Prime Minister Najib through street demonstrations or rallies.

Our stand is very clear. Both the Red and Yellow Shirts should not hold street demonstrations illegally. This is especially true during the time when the economy of our country is facing drastic challenges. Activity like street rally is tantamount to adding salt to the already weakened national development. If they really take the interest of the nation at heart, they should stop all these demonstrations at once.

In order to let the Rakyat enjoy the peace, the police should be impartial in executing its duties in arresting the leaders of Bersih and the Red Shirts who started the illegal street rallies. They should charge the leaders of the organizations in court through due process of law.

This is because both organizations had crossed the limit of the law by holding street rallies without police permit. The police should arrest the leaders of both organizations in order to return peaceful living environment to the Rakyat.

Demonstration held either by the Yellow or Red Shirts is hurting the nation in all aspects. They are not only affecting the development of our economy but they also create racial tension among the races to be worsened. Such illegal rallies will paint a bad image to foreign investors and it will also create a pseudo assumption that our country is not peaceful and it can frighten off foreign investors.

Malaysia is a free democratic country which is protected by its national laws. Everyone has the right to express one`s view. However he or she should not abuse the right until it hurts the economy, tourism industries and transportation of the country in order to justify and achieve their views. The Yellow Shirts and the Red Shirts should not appear on the streets at all. They should express their demands respectively by seeking more peaceful and law abiding means when holding rallies.

Street demonstrations will affect the country especially during the global economic down turn and it will definitely influence the views of foreigners on our nation. If the tourists and foreign investors stop stepping into Malaysia, some of the existing foreign investors may also pull out from Malaysia. The Rakyat will suffer then.

If any group who wants to hold a rally, it should follow the Peaceful Assembly Act of our country by choosing a suitable venue like the stadium. They should not shift the venue to the streets to destroy the peaceful livelihood of the Rakyat. Frightening off the foreign investors will jeopardize the livelihood of the Rakyat.

The Barisan Nasional government and the state government were democratically elected by the Rakyat through the process of one person one vote. Therefore I strongly believe that the way Bersih holds a street rally to overthrow Prime Minister Najib will not get the total support from the Rakyat. I hope Bersih will stop all these street rallies. I am also optimistic once Bersih calls off the rally, the Red Shirts will reciprocate positively. This will enable the nation to concentrate on improving the economy and not wasting energy in holding unfruitful demonstrations.





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