Gerakan Youth supports government move on KADS1M Hng Chee Wey urges more major retailers to participate Press statement by Gerakan Youth Deputy Secretary General Hng Chee Wey

Gerakan Youth Deputy Secretary General, Hng Chee Wey was delighted when the government is planning to extend the 1Malaysia Student Discount Card (KADS1M) to overseas and part-time students.

“I am extremely pleased with this proposal because part-time and overseas students are still Malaysian and therefore they deserve to enjoy the benefits as their local peers.”

However, he urged the government to pull in more big and reputable retailers to participate in the scheme as most of companies that took part are not located in major cities where most students are unable to enjoy the benefit of the discount card.

“Students find it difficult to enjoy the full benefit of the card as most of the companies that participated is not in major cities while most of the universities and colleges are located in urban areas.”

Hng, also Penang Gerakan Youth Secretary pointed out that retailers like MacDonalds, Starbucks and major transportation, optical, cinemas together with big Telcos and ICT companies should also take part in this scheme. As for the government, they should play a role by providing incentives for companies to take part in the scheme to achieve a win-win situation.

Regarding on airlines that took part, he said that they should allow purchase to be made through the internet on-line booking and not only by walk-in which is troublesome to the students.

“I hope that the government will strive to improve the scheme while students themselves should not misuse the card.”




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