Land subsided & fence fell into disrepair pose danger to Taman Kok Lian, Sentul Batu Gerakan promises to resolve the problem Press statement by Batu Gerakan Service Centre Coordinator Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai

Last Thursday (24 October), Gerakan Batu Division has visited Jalan Batu Batan in Taman Kok Lian to meet up with the local residents in order to have a better understanding of the livelihood problems that they are currently facing.

Batu Gerakan Service Centre Coordinator Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai who participated in the visitation said that they have received complaints from the local residents which pointed out that a section of the road that is adjacent to the river has subsided after a heavy downpour, it has caused the drainage pipe leading to the river to be broken and badly damaged. The local residents have reflected the problem to the DID, however no action has been taken.

“Actually the related space can be used for strolling purpose for the local residents, however whenever there was a heavy rainfall and the land subsidence problem has become increasingly more serious and poses a danger to the passers-by. We will reflect the problem to the DID and DBKL in order to make improvement as soon as possible,” said Dr. Dominic Lau.

Besides, the residents of the neighborhood also complained that the fences of the nearby river (Sungai Batu) have been in a state of disrepair for a long time, most of the balusters have gone missing. Due to the fact that there is a school nearby, all of the walkways are important passages for the students after school, this may pose a danger to the students. Batu Gerakan will inform the DBKL to start its repairing works as soon as possible.

Dr. Dominic Lau also added that Gerakan would continue to serve the residents of Batu parliamentary constituency, solve their livelihood problems and improve their quality of life.




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