Gerakan is glad with the inclusion of its suggestions in Budget 2013 Mah Siew Keong: Gerakan plays its role in representing the people Press statement by Gerakan Vice President Dato’ Mah Siew Keong

Gerakan Vice President Dato’ Mah Siew Keong expressed his gratitude to PM Dato’ Sri Najib for his decision to adopt a few of Gerakan’s suggestions in the Budget 2013 as tabled last month. He revealed that a sense of joy and accomplishment could not be hid among the party leaders upon the announcement as they have constantly kept the concerns and predicaments of the people deep in their heart. It showed that the party is siding with the people and also playing its role in conveying the voices of the people to the government by positively influencing the formulation of public policy as in this case the Budget 2013.

“The most notable contribution by Gerakan in the Budget 2013 is the tax relief on the children’s higher education will be increased from RM4,000 to RM6,000 per person on which I proposed on 28 June 2012 as I thought the government should consider the taxpayer’s position when determining the tax relief regulations because the inflation has been aggravating the burden of many people,” said Dato’ Mah who is also Gerakan’s Central Economic Bureau Chairman.

Apart from this, Dato’ Mah also more than happy to know that his emphasis on skills and training as mentioned on the same proposal has been taken seriously by the government as it was announced that RM440 million will be allocated to the Skills Development Fund Corporation which provide loans for trainees to undergo skills training and RM336 million will be allocated to upgrade as well as purchase equipment for Industrial Training Institutes and National Youth Vocational Institutes.

Besides, on the fairer sex and disabled community, Gerakan has proposed beforehand that higher tax relief should be introduced to alleviate their burden as women nowadays play a multi-role in the society while for the disabled they are prone to discrimination and abuse which as a result need our attention and special consideration. Gerakan is glad to know that the government has decided to allocate RM50 million to support the women’s dual roles and a further RM1.2 billion will be allocated to 1Malaysia welfare programme comprising assistant programmes for senior citizens, children and disabled workers as well as for chronic illnesses.

Dato’ Mah also highlighted the effort from Gerakan Wanita that narrated the dilemma and problems faced by the women as the wing’s Secretary General Jayanthi had previously proposed that help in the form of taxation relief should be provided to the employed women because the country is facing a huge talents loss when qualified and educated women stop working to look after their families after they are married. Dato’ Mah was grateful that the government has heeded the call from Gerakan Wanita through the pragmatic introduction of tax-free incentive and grant for setting up of new nurseries and kindergartens along with tax incentives for childcare centres as announced in the Budget 2013.

Dato’ Mah hailed the Budget 2013 as a people-friendly and well-balanced budget that looks after the collective interests of all Malaysians regardless of race, religion or background with its concerted and practical measures to ensure the continuous growth and development of the nation. He also reminded that the party must neither rest on its laurels nor complacent with the current accomplishment as he reiterated that the efforts do not stop here and the party will continue to fight for the betterment of all Malaysians through sincere approach and genuine representation.




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