Gerakan Youth voices concern on surge in contract killing Andy Yong: Stronger law enforcement and aggressive policing required to curb lawlessness from worsening organised crime

Press statement by

Gerakan Deputy Youth Chief

Andy Yong Kim Seng

30 June 2016

Gerakan Deputy Youth Chief, Andy Yong Kim Seng voiced his concern on the recent surge in violent crime in public places which saw a string of murder attempts took place openly even in broad daylight. He noted with concern that the most recent cases involving a company executive became the target of a hitman yesterday as he was reportedly shot five times and also a petrol bomb attack at a Puchong nightclub two days ago which saw at least 6 people being injured in the heinous attack.

Andy Yong who is a practicing lawyer opined that the recent surge in violent crime in public places especially contract killing and gun violence is affecting the people’s confidence towards the level of public safety. He said worsening perception of downtown public safety was not backed up by crime stats. He was of the opinion that these disturbing criminal cases warrant strong and effective actions from the police to curb criminal enterprises, gangs and syndicates

“Guns and explosives are easily accessible nowadays, likely due to smuggling in borders, it is not something new as we have known for many years, loose security and border controls and poor enforcement of gun control laws coupled with inadequate investigations may have contributed to the rise of violent crime.”

“The growing availability and easy access to engage contract killing and firearms shows that the threat from organised crime has worsened and grown in complexity over recent years, its expansion in size, scope and influence pose a significant threat to public safety which the police and relevant law enforcement authorities must react with stronger actions to curb this worrying trend of lawlessness,” said Andy Yong.

Andy Yong stressed that as Malaysia is exercising strong vigilance and actions to stop the infiltration of violent and extreme influences of foreign origin, public safety of the country must remain key focus of the government, lawmakers and enforcement units. He hoped the police and relevant law enforcement authorities would take immediate and strong steps to arrest the worsening situation and evoke public confidence on public safety,” said Andy Yong.




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