Gerakan Youth criticises ‘Kafir Harbi’ label by Pahang Mufti Chai Ko Thing: Religious leaders should not be involved in politics or misuse religious authority for politicking

Press statement by


Gerakan Youth National Legal Bureau Chief

Chai Ko Thing


25 June 2016


Gerakan Youth National Legal Bureau chief Chai Ko Thing criticised the decision by Pahang Mufti Datuk Seri Dr Abdul Rahman Osman for confirming that DAP is against the implementation of Islamic principles, and therefore falls under the category of ‘Kafir harbi’. It is believed that those termed as “Kafir Harbi” can be killed for being against the implementation of Islamic principles and going against God.


Chai said the Pahang’s mufti decision to label DAP and all those who oppose Islam as ‘Kafir Harbi’ was more political in nature and not religious. He stressed that religious leaders must not cross the line of politicking and fuel public confusion which could cause a threat to public order and security.


Chai who is a member of the Gerakan’s legal team on Hudud challenge said the Pahang Mufti’s declaration sent a very wrong and dangerous message to the public to endorse subtle religious violence, socio-political discrimination and segregation against valid public concerns raised by certain groups.


He said Pahang Mufti’s declaration was against Malaysia’s religious tolerance, moderation and rationality, it was a threat to public order and security. He said the dangerous message if left uncorrected may lead to the rejection of rationality, openness and peaceful coexistence by the majority of the society and opens the door for societal collapse.


“At a time when our nation is threatened by violent and extreme ideas of foreign origin such as Daesh (IS) and resisting its influence, we must also do our best to prevent and neutralise local teething problems.


Religious leaders should be more cautious and discreet when making any declaration or fatwa with regard to public order and security, they should not be involved in politics neither misusing religious authority for politicking,” said Chai.


Chai proposed the police to invoke Section 505 of the Penal Code to investigate the matter. He said the Pahang Mufti could be investigated of alleged statement made to conduct public mischief especially subsection (c) of Section 505 of the Penal Code to incite certain community to commit an offence against other community.




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