Chinese votes return to BN

Press Statement by

Gerakan National President cum

Minister in Prime Minister’s Department

Y.B. Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong

18 June 2016


BN has won PDM Sekinchan in Sg Besar by 115 votes which was under the care of Gerakan. In the 2013 General Election BN lost this PDM by 414 votes. This is a big win for BN and we won close to 50% of the Chinese votes in this PDM. Our targeted and humble approach has paid off and the voters have shown they are tired with the Pakatan Grouping in Selangor. Pas also suffered a defeat that shows its Hudud agenda has been rejected in Sekinchan and Sg Besar. I congratulate Selangor Gerakan for their hard work and all our election workers. This is a recovery for Gerakan and BN. I call upon the BN leadership to take heed of this results and work towards solidifying our re-engagement with the Chinese community.




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