Gerakan warns PAS Hadi of undue influence during by-election campaigning Dominic Lau Hoe Chai: There is no wrong to vote for continued development and stability

Press statement by


Gerakan Vice President cum


Chairman, Central Bureau of Publicity and New Media


Datuk Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai


13 June 2016



Gerakan Vice President Datuk Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai has warned Pas President Hadi Awang of undue influence during the campaigning in the by-election campaigning.


Lau expressed concerned after Hadi was reportedly warned voters during a ceramah in Sungai Besar yesterday that they might suffer divine punishment if they elect the wrong MP on June 18 polling day.  


He condemned Hadi for resorting to religious fearmongering tactic during campaigning to strike irrational fear into the voters’ hearts in order to achieve a desired electoral result for PAS candidate.


Lau said Hadi may have committed an offence under Section 9 of the Election Offences Act 1954 for spreading undue influence.


He said Hadi with his reported speeches that associate divine displeasure or spiritual censure with one’s candidate preference in the by-election could be deemed as interfering the free exercise of the electoral right of a person.


As such, he called on the Election Commission to promptly investigate the matter and take necessary action.


Lau stressed that it was wrong for PAS Hadi Awang for deliberately attempting to influence the electoral outcome by the use of religious fear.


He said conscious voters in Sungai Besar must reject Hadi’s fallacy that only aimed at raking in votes for PAS during the campaigning. He reiterated that candidate preference should be primarily based on merit, experience, track record and commitment.


“Hadi’s fearmongering tactic has no effect on Sungai Besar voters who need continued development and stability, there is no wrong to vote for a candidate that promises prosperity and sincere representation in Parliament as Barisan Nasional candidate YB Budiman offers.


PAS Hadi has lost touch with Sungai Besar voters and shown disrespect towards free exercise of electoral right by suggesting such an absurd idea,” said Lau.




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