Gerakan veep slams Kit Siang for ‘selective condemnation’

Brickbats continue to be hurled in the direction of DAP over its firebrand Hew Kuan Yew’s controversial remarks and party veteran Lim Kit Siang claiming there were no elements of racism.

The latest to join the bandwagon is Gerakan vice-president Dr Asharuddin Ahmad.

In a media statement, he claimed Hew, who is known as ‘superman’ among his supporters, delivered a speech which was racially suggestive that deserved public censure and condemnation.

Asharuddin also questioned the inaction from DAP’s leadership despite the clear-cut evidence which showed Hew had crossed the line.

He also criticised Lim for defending Hew on the grounds that the latter’s remarks were crude and vulgar, but not racist.

According to the Gerakan leader, the DAP veteran’s stand was lame, biased, and showed double standard.

“Hew’s stubborn denial and Lim’s poor defence attempting to escape public scrutiny over DAP’s wrongdoing was a mockery to people’s intelligence.

“DAP always prided itself as a party for all and denounces racism, but failed to do a reckoning and (take) appropriate action over a blatant wrongdoing committed by its member,” he said.

Asharuddin reminded DAP that condemnation against racism must not be applied selectively.

He called on the public to continue pressuring DAP for answer and take strong action against racism sprouting in its own backyard.

Apart from Gerakan, Hew’s remarks and Lim’s stand also drew criticism from Umno, MCA and MIC Youth.

In a Facebook posting, Hew admitted that he had a weakness in using crude language and promised to keep his speeches clean in the future.

However, he stopped short of apologising for his conduct.

The controversial Mandarin-language speech was delivered via Skype during a ceramah in the run-up to the Sarawak state election.

Hew, urging voters to back Abdul Aziz Isa for the Batu Kitang seat, said the DAP candidate should be sent to the state legislative assembly so that be could “screw his own Malays, who are big politicians, who are corrupt, screw pok kai (scum) Parti Bumiputera Bersatu."

However, Hew claimed that if he was a racist, he would not have campaigned for a Malay candidate against his Chinese rivals.





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