Gerakan Youth chief: If not racist, why use such words?

Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang has joined the controversy surrounding DAP's 'superman' Hew Kuan Yew, who has been criticised over his remarks in the run-up to the Sarawak election.

Responding to Hew's defence of not being a racist, Tan had asked why the need to use such words in the first place.

"If that DAP leader is not anti-Malay, then why ask voters to vote DAP candidate to 'screw' Malays? Your words are recorded in the video.

"See the video and judge for yourself whether DAP leader said vote their candidate to 'screw the Malays'... You be the judge," he tweeted.

Hew argued that he would not have asked voters to pick DAP's Malay candidate Abdul Aziz Isa over Chinese contenders if he was anti-Malay.

He also claimed that his remarks were aimed at corrupt officials.

However, in his Mandarin-language speech, Hew did mention that Abdul Aziz should be elected to the state assembly to "screw the Malays" before adding the part about corrupt officials.

He also said that such a scenario would be a "good show" to watch and asked if the audience agreed.

The speech, via Skype, was telecast ahead of the contest for the Batu Kitang seat, which DAP lost.

Meanwhile, Tan also needled Lim Kit Siang on the issue.

Tagging the DAP veteran in his tweet, he asked if Lim would urge the party to investigate Hew’s remarks.

Abdul Aziz has also defended Hew, claiming that the DAP firebrand was training his guns on corrupt officers.

Earlier, MCA central committee leader lambasted DAP for harping on racial and religious sentiments.





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