Gerakan Youth: Be wary of DAP’s tricks

PETALING JAYA: Gerakan Youth warned Sarawak voters not to fall hook, line and sinker for Lim Kit Siang’s “assurance” that Adenan Satem would remain as chief minister .

In a series of tweets urging Sarawakians to vote for Adenan, the wing’s chief, Tan Keng Liang, told people to be wary of DAP’s “tricks”, reminding them of the time DAP wrested Penang from Gerakan in 2008.

None, he claimed, foresaw such a scenario.

“Don’t take risks. It’s quite possible that PKR’s Baru Bian or DAP’s Chong (Chieng Jen) would be next Sarawak chief minister if everyone takes things for granted.

“Don’t risk everything in Sarawak,” he said alluding to the Sarawak PKR chief and Sarawak DAP chief respectively.

Tan was responding to Lim’s “assurance” that Adenan would remain as chief minister after the Sarawak election on May 7.

The DAP supremo had also claimed the most the Opposition could do was prevent Barisan Nasional from securing a two-third majority.

Lim had said this in response to Adenan’s warning to voters that Sarawak could fall to parties from West Malaysia if they fell for Lim’s “ploy” of wanting to deny a two-thirds majority.

Tan also took the DAP supremo to task for claiming that even if the party won all the 31 seats it was contesting, Adenan’s position was not jeapordised.

“How about seats contested by PKR and Amanah? Is Lim not expecting PKR to win any?”

DAP is contesting 31 seats, PKR 40 seats and Amanah 13 seats in the May 7 election. There are 82 seats in Sarawak.





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