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                           THEME OF THE 44th NATIONAL DELEGATES CONFERENCE 2015 OF

                                            PARTI GERAKAN RAKYAT MALAYSIA


                               “MOVE WITH GERAKAN FOR A BETTER TOMORROW”

The theme for Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (PGRM) National Delegates Conference (NDC) is a staunch appeal by PGRM urging fellow Malaysians to join PGRM in our earnest and unyielding struggle to build a better tomorrow for the nation. The clarity and firmness in these words serve as our strongest testimony to undertake a Malaysian task that we wholeheartedly believe would lead us towards national betterment. PGRM first conceived the theme under a heightened sense of concern towards national dilemmas that continue to arise and discount our efforts to reach greater heights as a nation. We feel strongly it is imperative that a sense of urgency and togetherness is established against the backdrop of persisting challenges and issues in order to reinstate the natural progression of our country.

As a party with a Malaysian spirit that upholds moderation and inclusiveness, we do not relent in our pursuit of a measured and balanced approach in governance and society. We firmly believe that it is the surest way forward for our nation overriding many potential deviations. PGRM has much to offer and we are confident thatthe NDC theme expresses ourdetermination to strive alongside the Malaysian public in a common quest for social advancement and economic prosperity. PGRM is fervently committed to the idea that Malaysia ought to progress regularly and diligently in our aim to become a developed and high income nation by 2020. It is our sincere hope that the NDC theme would heraldpositive changes and rally fellow Malaysians in joining PGRM to make great strides towards national success andtogether we shall thread a better tomorrow.




WE, THE DELEGATES, of the 44th National Delegates Conference (NDC) 2015 of Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (PGRM):

$1A.    Commemorating the 58th Anniversary of Merdeka and the 52nd Anniversary of the formation of Malaysia which were jointly achieved by our Founding Fathers from all ethnic groups in the spirit of patriotism, togetherness, collaboration, mutual respect, understanding in accordance with the Federal Constitution.

$1B.    Continuing our struggle to build a Malaysian nation that is united, democratic, just, liberal and progressive, in accordance with the tenets of Rukun Negara and Vision 2020.

$1C.   Recognising, understanding, sharing and agreeing with the concerns of the majority of Malaysians over the following issues:

$1I.              Uphold and defend the Federal Constitution as Supreme Law of the Land;

$1II.            Moderation and inclusiveness as Malaysian way of life to ensure national unity;

$1III.           Good governance, a fair, accountable and competent government;

$1IV.          Results-oriented public policy and service delivery;

$1V.            Fiscal consolidation and sustainable economic growth;

$1VI.          Concerns on rising cost of living and disproportionate wage growth;

$1VII.         Racial polarization, growing religious conservatism and segmentation;

$1VIII.        Provision and fair access to quality education and social safety net;

$1IX.          Environmental degradation anddiminishing quality of life;

$1X.            Professional crime, syndicate, corruption and terrorism threats of external origin.



$11.    The Federal Constitution must continue to be interpreted, understood and appreciated in its totality, and in a comprehensive and inclusive manner, and to be upheld, defended and fairly implemented.

$12.    The spirit of Rukun Negara should be rekindled, reaffirmed, reemphasised, practised and internalised by all Malaysians.

$13.    The basic structure of the nationhood must never be altered. All actions must be interpreted not only in line with spirit of the Federal Constitution, but also the basic foundation of the nationhood. Dangerous and selfish attempts that undermine the integrity of Federal Constitution must be condemned and stopped consciously and collectively.

$14.    The Malaysian way of life must be defended at all cost regardless of circumstances. Moderation and inclusiveness are the unequivocal guiding virtues for all Malaysians to move forward as one united nation. The diversity of Malaysian society must be accepted wholeheartedly and use it as a strength to thread success stories for the nation.

$15.    The government must continue to heed public voices and concerns and duly respond with strong commitment to promote democracy, good governance and the rule of law. Government leaders must exhibit the right attitude and lead by example to foster public trust and endeavour to fulfil public expectations.

$16.    The implementation of public policy and the delivery of public service must be results-oriented. Integrity, competency and professionalism of civil servants must be emphasized to ensure the successful implementation of policies and the public well-served.

$17.    Fiscal consolidation and reform by the government should continue as a measure warranted and called for to improve the financial status of the nation. Sustainable economic growth must be translated into wages that benefit the people. The distribution of nation’s wealth and opportunities amongst Malaysians must be fair and just.

$18.    The government must continue to address public concerns on rising cost of living and disproportionate wage growth. Subsidy rationalization must be considerate of the hardships and difficulties of the people. The government must reign in inflation, profiteering, labour exploitation and talent loss. Apart from the minimum wage policy, a proposed healthy living wage stipulation could be studied and eventually introduced to ensure a decent standard of living amongst Malaysian workers.

$19.    Racial polarization, growing religious conservatism and segmentation have threatened the social integrity and Malaysian way of life. Racial and religious bigotry must be condemned and neutralised whilst interreligious tolerance and goodwill should be propagated to counter hatred and mistrust. Rectitude, rationality and lawfulness must prevail in efforts to mediate religious issues to ensure Malaysians of different faiths and beliefs live side by side with mutual respect and tolerance.

$110.  Quality education is important to secure the nation’s future with the nurturing of youths and cultivation of human capital and talents. Education should not be politicised, it ought to promote excellence, harnessing potentials of youths and serving the purpose of uniting instead of disuniting. The government must undertake serious and honest efforts to improve the ranking of Malaysian universities in world university rankings while also improve administration and resolve long-standing issues in education. 

$111.  Concerns on environmental degradation are real and often overlooked by authorities. Lack of awareness and poor enforcement must be overcome with genuine subscription to environmental conservation and protection. Depletion of resources and destruction of ecosystems have led to diminishing of quality of life, the results of illegal sand mining, soil erosion and massive deforestation are evident. We call for stringent enforcement and tougher punishment on convicted environmental offenders.

$112.  The worrying rise of white-collar crime committed by government professionals and civil servants warrants serious attention from the authorities. The persisting reports of corruption, malpractices and abuse of power call into question the integrity of public office holders. We call on the government and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to arrest the decline and restore public confidence in public offices. Terrorism threats of external origin must not rely primarily on legislation, diligent enforcement and prevention must take place to ensure national safety is not compromised in the slightest.




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