Theme (E) 2016 - Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia

Theme (E) 2016




The theme for this year’s Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (PGRM) National Delegates Conference (NDC) is a staunch appeal by PGRM urging the nation to unite for progress  and prosperity. Gerakan is a solution-based party. We believe that actions speak louder than words. We do not waste our time fanning political flames but rather concentrate our efforts to forge progress and prosperity for all Malaysians.

This is also a clarion call for Malaysians to unite despite the dithering and disruptive political voices. Only in unity can we achieve progress. A house divided against itself cannot stand. It is also our solemn national duty to ensure that Malaysia continues to grow and prosper as this will ensure that income and social disparities are narrowed and this is in line with the party’s aims and objects which is to, amongst other things, to ensure equitable and fair growth for the benefit of all Malaysians.

We must continue to work with the government to ensure policies and initiatives are people centric and beneficial to all strata of society. We must constructively engage all stake holders to further the objectives of Gerakan and we must be prepared to do so at the expense of our political values.

Gerakan will continue to play its part in building a Malaysian nation and we call on all Malaysians to unite for progress and prosperity and remember that, as a people, we can achieve a lot more if we are united and cohesive.



WE, THE DELEGATES, of the 45th National Delegates Conference (NDC) 2016 of Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (PGRM):

A. Commemorating the 59th Anniversary of Merdeka and the 53nd Anniversary of the formation of Malaysia that was collectively achieved by our Founding Fathers from all ethnic groups in the spirit of patriotism, togetherness, collaboration, mutual respect, understanding in accordance with the Federal Constitution.

B. Continuing our struggle to build a Malaysian nation that is united, democratic, just, liberal and progressive, in accordance with the tenets of Rukun Negara and Vision 2020.

C. Recognising, understanding, sharing and agreeing with the concerns and aspirations of Malaysians on the following issues:

I. Uphold and defend the Federal Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land and resist any attempt to alter the basic structure of the country;

II. Moderation and inclusiveness as the Malaysian way of life to ensure a continued and sustained national unity;

III. Good governance, dutiful enforcement and results-oriented public sector;

IV. National Transformation Programme must continue into the future;

V. Greater trade and investment, budgetary prudence and accommodative monetary policy;

VI. Fair distribution of national wealth and income to reduce income disparity and ensure social justice;

VII. Continued assistance to the bottom – 40 (B40) income group and also relief for the middle class families;

VIII. Improve local government service delivery and effectively tackle local issues;

IX. Address the growing concerns of extremism and the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Daesh);

X. Welcome the government’s efforts to improve our education system

XI. Environmental conservation through governmental initiatives and regulation and ensuring Malaysia meets its COP21 commitments; and

XII. Fair distribution of power to the states and devolution of power to Sabah and Sarawak in line with the Malaysia Agreement.


1. The Federal Constitution must continue to be interpreted, understood and appreciated in its totality, and in a comprehensive and inclusive manner, and to be upheld, defended and fairly implemented.

2. The spirit of Rukun Negara should be rekindled, reaffirmed, reemphasised, practised and internalised by all Malaysians.

3. The basic structure of the nation must never be altered. All actions must be interpreted not only in line with spirit of the Federal Constitution, but also the basic foundation of the nationhood. Dangerous and selfish attempts that undermine the integrity of the Federal Constitution must be condemned and stopped consciously and collectively.

4. The Malaysian way of life must be defended at all cost regardless of circumstances. Moderation and inclusiveness are the unequivocal guiding virtues for all Malaysians to move forward as one united nation. The diversity of the Malaysian society must be accepted wholeheartedly and used as a strength to create success stories for the nation.

5. The government must continue its commitment to implement good governance and a dutiful enforcement in public sector entities. It must continue the emphasis on integrity, competency and professionalism needed to produce a government that is effective and broadly supported by citizens as well as the civil society. Government leaders must lead by example to foster public trust and meet public expectations. Efficieny is necessary to spur the development of a quality deliverance of public services.

6. The National Transformation Programme (NTP) comprising two major components: the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) and the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) must continue to promote a balanced, sustainable and inclusive growth in the socio-economic areas. Since its inception in 2009, the NTP has yielded impactful results over the years. The NTP must be given continued emphasis and facilitation in nation-building agenda to advance and expand its steering role in Malaysia’s pursuit to achieve a high income and developed status by 2020.

7. Trade and investment are vital to the health of the nation’s economy. With trade we can grow the economy and create ample jobs. Ambitious and comprehensive plans are needed to build the capacity of the government, important industry players and partners with systemic enhancement to facilitate greater trade and investment. The positive correlation between trade openness and rising levels of foreign direct investment (FDI) is generally confirmed. Gerakan has always supported measures to increase trade including the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership (TPP).

8. It is equally important for the government to exercise budgetary prudence and continue its commitment to fiscal consolidation while adopting an accommodative monetary policy to cater for uncertainty and challenge. Given the challenging global economic conditions it is important for Malaysians, especially the government, to spend wisely and optimally.

9. The distribution of the nation’s wealth and opportunities amongst Malaysians must be fair and just. The sustainable economic growth must be translated into wages that benefit the people. The government must continue to address public concerns on the rising cost of living and disproportionate wage growth. Subsidy rationalization must continue to ensure long term economic stability.Hence, we call on the government to increase the amount of Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) to ensure social justice.

10. Gerakan also calls on the government to provide more relief for middle income families in the form of tax breaks and other incentives to lessen their financial burden.

11. As the lowest level in the system of government in Malaysia after the federal and the state, the local government is the closest to the people. Its important roles and responsibilities in planning and monitoring, service delivery, law making and enforcement, policy development, representation and advocacy will directly impact the livelihood, well-being and overall prosperity of an area under its jurisdiction. It is timely we give formal recognition to the vital roles that the local government plays and provide the necessary support.

12. Apart from curbing the infiltration of Daesh’s terrorism activites, equal attention should be given to addressing the issue of homegrown or domestic extremism stemmed from a growing religious intolerance and fanaticism. Malaysia is a diverse country dedicated to democracy and pluralism, we should appreciate and celebrate our diversity and freedom not seek to upend it.

13. Terrorism is not linked to any religion. We voice ferociously and denounce the propagation of extremism as a means to extend political mileage. Religion and race must not be used as a political tool or political force, any irresponsible act of capitalizing on religious frictions and fuelling antipathy or fear deserves the surest condemnation.

14. A quality education is important to secure the nation’s future with the nurturing of youths and the cultivation of human capital and talents. Education should not be politicised, it ought to promote excellence, harnessing potentials of youths and serving the purpose of uniting instead of disuniting. We welcome the government’s serious and honest efforts to improve the ranking of Malaysian universities in the world and ensuring the success of the Malaysian Education Blueprint.

15. Concerns on environmental degradation are real and often overlooked by authorities. The lack of awareness and poor enforcement must be overcome with a genuine subscription to environmental conservation and protection. The depletion of resources and the destruction of the ecosystems have led to diminishing of quality of life, the results of illegal sand mining, soil erosion and massive deforestation are evident. We call for a stringent enforcement and tougher punishment on convicted environmental offenders and for the government to stringently implement its COP 21 commitments.

16. We also congragulate the Prime Minister on the efforts taken to restore the balance of power between the federal and state governments especially for Sabah and Sarawak in line with the Malaysia Agreement. However, we reiterate that this process must be mutually beneficial and in line with the Federal Constitution.




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