1.    QUALIFICATIONS         Membership of the Party shall be open to : Malaysian Citizens; Are at least 18 years of age; Agree and undertake to abide by the constitution and to adhere to the programmes, principles and the politicies of the part Are not members of any other political party; and Are not in any way disqualified to participate in any political party or organisation as…
It is easy and it feels really good to criticise or blame the government or foreigners when misfortune befalls Malaysia. Isn't it more important to focus on minimising the effects, overcoming challenges and acting fast to make things better as soon as possible? Everybody's thoughts and actions count. Some people are good in thinking up innovative solutions and creating opportunities. Some people have the resources and means to implement such…
Politics is not a dirty word; it refers to the "science or art of government." A political affair is an affair of the state of country. Malaysia practices the politics of democracy, a system of government whereby the power is in the hands of the people. This power is usually exercised by the people through their elected representatives - the politicians. Politicians are elected to govern the country for the…
A BETTER Malaysia A TRULY Malaysian community A FAIR and JUST society FREEDOM of speech WOMEN's rights YOUTH development SPEAKING UP for the voiceless HELPING the needy Conservation of the ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINMENT development



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