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"I love Batu" team giving out flowers and balloon on Mother’s Day Dominic Lau Hoe Chai: more meaningful if given by their own children

Press Statement by

Batu Gerakan Service Centre Coordinator

Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai

12 May 2014

Batu Gerakan's "I Love Batu" team visited three areas in Batu during Mother’s Day under the lead of Batu Gerakan Service Centre Coordinator, Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai. The team has given out Carnation and balloon to the mothers through their children, so that these mothers can feel the warmth and cares during this special day.

Lau said that, the team had visited Pekan Batu morning marketplace, Sentul Pasar and Bandar Baru Sentul UTC centers for that purpose. The special thing is that this year, the team passed the flowers to the children for them to hand it over to their mothers. Apart from that, the team also prepared balloons where children could write their blessing on the balloons before giving it to their mothers.

"In many occasions we will notice that children are unable to tell their mothers "I love you" proactively. However, they are able to pass on their blessings through words under unprepared conditions, which is very touching for the mothers. We present this blessing to all mothers that are present without regards to races and religions. We also believe that the best gift for mothers are the blessings of their children which makes this special day even more meaningful," added Lau.

Lau also added that, this was a part of the series of activities promoted under the "I love Batu" plan. Gerakan will continue to serve the people in Batu constituency, help to solve their daily problems and seek to raise their living standards.