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Gerakan wants personal attacks to stop Liang Teck Meng: Politics should be debated based on policies and issues

Press statement by

Gerakan Secretary General cum Simpang Renggam MP

Liang Teck Meng

15 May 2014


Gerakan Secretary General, Liang Teck Meng has vehemently condemned the circulation of a photo of a potential candidate of the upcoming Teluk Intan by election in a bikini as defaming and offensive.

“I am shocked to find out that such photos were circulated online in an attempt to tarnish her reputation. Such act in my opinion is not only rude but also insulting to women in Malaysia.” 

Liang, who is also a Simpang Renggam MP said that despite being on the opposite divide, Gerakan does not condone personal attacks on any individual be it from Barisan or the opposition and stressed that women deserved an equal opportunity in Malaysia.

“Gerakan’s view towards politics has always been that it should be fought based on principals, ideas and policies. On accusations that Gerakan was the hand behind this act, we must reaffirm that the party would not stoop so low in order to gain cheap publicity.”

He added that the authorities should take strict action by arresting the culprit to prevent further incidents from repeating in the future.

“Personal attacks are very un-Malaysian and it is not a part of our culture. Such negative act must be nipped to the bud quickly before it becomes a Malaysian way of life. No man and woman deserved to be attacked personally in a bid to score a few political points.”